Piano Lessons

If you are looking for a piano tutor, this is the perfect place for you. We provide house calls and ONLINE piano lessons on one to one basis; ABRSM syllabus and also Play By Ear. For playing by ear, you will learn Chord Progressions and  how to play accompaniment style (normally for yourself to sing or for other solo instruments) and also learning to play the melody with Right hand and with the Left hand playing the accompaniment. For advance students, they will learn improvisation and also variation to make your repertoire more interesting

Piano Performances

If you are looking for live piano performances for an event ; weddings, gigs, hotel lounge or other events, we have our very own pianist David Cha to serenade you with his smooth and calm therapeutic piano instrumentals for you

Music Arrangements & Composition

You have a song that you like and you need the piano sheet/score? Musicplaystation will be able to help you to do the transcription of the song and arrange it to your pleasure. We also provide arrangements for original song and also minus one/karaoke music. Musicplaystation provides you original song composition for Company theme songs and personalized songs for weddings

Since 1993

Let the Music Play

Welcome to Musicplaystation. Musicplaystation is a website/blog for music education and also music production services. It specializes in providing piano lessons, music sheet arrangements and transcription and also composing original songs. You can purchase existing piano sheets by selecting ‘Piano Sheets’ from the ‘Menu’ above. We also provides live piano performances from our very own David Cha Hou Yean where he plays renditions of popular songs from oldies to current music. Check out some of his playing HERE in Youtube. David Cha has been providing piano lessons since 1993 (ABRSM and also playing by ear) until today and he nows performs live therapeutic piano at Sunway Medical Centre and at Empire Hotel Subang Jaya. He has composed quite a number of songs for church Vacation Bible School and also produced his debut album 'Memories of Love' and 'Lord God Almighty' into the digital world of music such as spotify, iTunes , Apple Music and Amazon Music etc. His professionalism in playing the piano with a very calm therapeutic uniqueness is well recognized in his current performances. Musicplaystation not only provides the services above but aspires to inspire young and old music lovers to pursue their musical journey as music is an endless journey. Contact us for more information

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