I Remember

I played this impromptu song number 18 on the 21st Feb 2019 and posted it in my youtube channel and also facebook Piano Lessons. This song has an oriental feel in it's melody as I used a lot of pentatonic scales to produce this song. I didn't really have a title for this song as I played it impromptu and and so I asked my facebook followers to help me with the title. One of my followers Mary Jane Tait from UK (also a piano tutor) suggested the title "I remember". She even had the lyrics in her mind for the verses. We decided to collaborate and make this song a lyrical song called "I Remember"; a song dedicated to the people who lost their memory, people who has Alzheimer's disease. A tribute to those who had precious memories but lost it somehow but the precious memories still prevail in the lives of their love ones. Below is the draft of the lyrics of the song written by Mary Jane Tait. It's still in progress though. Stay tuned for the update of this song.

I Remember


I remember you, do you remember me?
I remember you when we were young.
I remember us, walking in the sunshine,
I remember you when we were young.

I remember us, I remember you,
I remember everything we said.
I remember thinking that it would be forever
I remember you until the end

Chorus :

I remember flowers that opened in the spring
I remember how you just loved to wear my ring
And your eyes, oh how they sparkled oh like stars in a darkened sky
And my heart just burst into a song
I remember hot summer days an’ summer blues
I remember piano music and lost shoes
I remember, taking you somewhere far beyond your wildest dreams
I remember you, my dearest friend.

This is just the gist of how the song is going to be. Hope you like the lyrics by Mary Jane Tait. I'm feeling excited and can't wait to produce this song. Let me know your views by commenting below

Listen to 'I Remember' Piano Instrumental in the video below

I Remember piano instrumental can be streamed and purchased HERE. Listen to I Remember (with lyrics) song draft by clicking the PLAY button below. This draft is without the chorus yet

Thank you for reading and listening.


That's all from me for now.



David Cha