USJ 12 Kebun(Farm) Song

On the 23rd Feb '19, our USJ 9 Resident Association (RA) and Rukun Tetangga (RT) had a Chinese New Year celebration at the RA/RT cabin. We had a great time with Adun SJ, YB Michelle Ng who graced the event. Our very own RA/RT committee members presented CNY songs in both Chinese and English language. We also had Lion Dance performance from the kids in USJ 9 and had a very sumptuous dinner ; not forgeting the fireworks sponsored by our RA chairman Mr. Khoo Kah Jin. I met Dato’ Nor Azman who is the RA Chairman for USJ 12 and he has a farm in his community. He asked me to write a theme song for his Kebun (farm) and am honoured to be part of this project. Anyway, Dato’ Nor Azman coincidently is from my hometown, Banting and we had a good chat about Banting town.

Back to the USJ 12 kebun song; I have started gathering information and the objective of this kebun to give me ideas in composing the song. I'm in the midst of writing the draft of this song. Hopefully I can complete it by Saturday, 2nd March ‘19 where USJ 9 and USJ 12 residents will be having its very first cross function gathering at Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 from 9:30 pm onwards. Hope I will be able to present the song by then. Below are some of the photos that I have gathered from USJ 12 residents. Do Like their Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 FB HERE . Also like our USJ 9 RA/RT FB Page HERE too.

Highlights of USJ 9 RA/RT CNY gathering

Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 highlights

Follow my blog as I progress to compose the Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 theme song. Another great news is that RA/RT USJ 9 Official Theme Song is now available in spotify and Apple Music. Purchase this song entitled DEMI USJ 9 HERE

or listen it here below

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay tuned for the Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 Theme Song


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