Malam Muhibbah Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 dengan RA/RT USJ 9, 2nd March 2019

I'm back again from my previous blog about Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 theme song. Did I manage to present the theme song on the 2nd March '19 ? YES, I did finish the song and recorded it. However, I used my 2nd draft of the song for this Malam Muhibbah between Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 and RA/RT USJ 9 event. My first draft with my vocals wasn't that good as I did the song the whole night of 28th Feb and didn't sleep at all.  By the time I recorded my vocal, my voice was croaking so to speak. Sent my 1st draft to Dato' Nor Azman and his community. They loved it (Thank God) and gave positive comments. The next day which was 1st March (1 day before the launching of the song), I did a 2nd draft of the song and I was quite satisfied with my singing and more punch were added to the beat too· On Saturday 2nd March, I went for my regular classes and came back home around 7:oo pm to quickly save the song into mp3 format for the event.

My family and I arrived Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 about 8:30pm. I was amazed with their creation for the kebun (It was my first time visiting). A really healthy environment providing healthy food and fellowship. You should visit Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 and you will love  it. Adun Subang Jaya,YB Michelle Ng, MPSJ councellor Lee Jen Uyin, Dato‘ Nor Azman (USJ 12 RA Chairman),Mr. Peter Pook (Kebun Komuniti USJ 12, Chairman), Dato’ Nash Hamid (USJ 4 /4 & 4/3 RA Tudor Representative), Police team with Tuan Jasni, fire brigade team were there together with my USJ 9 family Mr. Khoo Kah Jin (RA chairman) and Mr. Anthony Gunapalan (RT Chairman) to officiate the event. I was coughing on the day but still could reserve my voice just enough for the launching of the kebun's theme song entitled 'Eco Friendly USJ 12'. At about 9:30 pm,everybody grouped together to officially sing 'Eco Friendly USJ 12'. I really had fun with everyone at the get together. Food was good, friendly people and it was a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere. The draft of the song is at the bottom where you can listen to it. Its still my 2nd draft as ineed to add more flavor to the song, eg. drum breaks, variations etc before I finally publish it. Stay tuned when I publish this song. Below are some of the highlights of the event


Highlights of Malam Muhibbah dengan RA/RT USJ 9. Do visit Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 fb page HERE .


Video of all of us singing 'Eco Friendly USJ 12'


Listen to the whole song by clicking Play below


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2 thoughts on “Malam Muhibbah Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 dengan RA/RT USJ 9, 2nd March 2019”

  1. It was remarkable, for your effort to have such a meaningful theme song for kebun komuniti usj12. Before the event, I was undecided whether to attend with my kids, as I was committed for a morning marathon. But after we listened to your song, shared by Azman. We are so delighted and touched. We came not for the food, but for the l as launching of this song for kebun with presence of the authority and representatives. Great job, David and your team!

    1. Thank you Lilian for your comment. I’m honoured to be part of the Kebun Komuniti USJ 12 by composing the theme song. I hope to visit the kebun more to get healthy delicious vegetables and fishes too 🙂

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